Sometimes we may find ourselves thinking that luck doesn’t favor us. Our reality makes us believe so, the reality in which we’re constantly unhappy at work, stuck in hopeless relationships or experiencing ill health.

The main reason for our reality to be so, is because our minds focus on what is “not good”, our minds emphasize on only the “bad”, and then the “bad” in our lives, only gets worse.

We are concentrating so much of our energy and effort into thinking and looking at only the unfortunate things that happen to us and in the meanwhile ignoring life’s small yet wonderful blessings that come our way in abundance.

So, why not shift our perspective and start making an effort to look and focus only on the “good” parts of life? Of course the task isn’t easy, but let’s take it one step at a time.

Begin by appreciating the taste of your morning coffee or tea; begin by appreciating the wind on your face, appreciate the music you hear on your morning commute, look at what you like the best about your body and exclaim it loud. And as you start appreciating and being grateful for these little things in life, you will discover more and more things to be grateful for.

Let’s begin to appreciate all the good and beautiful things in life. Shift your focus on to the “good” parts of life, and watch the good getting better!

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