Have you ever wound up in situations where you’ve wished that you had this particular item in your bag that could’ve come in handy ?? I sure have and I’m sure a lot of us women have had these tricky situations at some point or the other in our lives.

So here I am with a list of 5 things or 5 must-have items in your hand bag to save yourself from some nasty situations that may come along as you go about your life.

1. Perfume / Deodorant – Now there’s two situations wherein a perfume / deodorant can come in handy – A) There is absolutely no doubt that this one tops the list. On a humid day , or any regular day for that matter , when you’ve been running errands and being the hustling multitasker that you are, you might begin to feel the emergence of sweat from your underarms. We’re human and we sweat and that’s alright, But a quick spritz of your perfume or your deodorant should launch you back into your happening day without you having to worry about smelling like a skunk , to the people you are going to come across. B) A perfume can also save your day if you’re having a very nasty episode of “poopoo“ at your office toilet or any public toilet. Yet again I stress on the fact that we’re human and our poopoo stinks and it’s absolutely alright. But let’s just imagine you have got to go poopoo, and there’s just one or two toilet cubicles, and you know there’s people waiting outside to get in. What are you gonna do ?? Are you going to hold your poopoo in and save yourself the embarrassment of the nasty look the next person entering the cubicle after you is going to give you ? Instead, If you’d carry your perfume along with you, you could happily attend to the nature’s call and spritz a generous amount in the cubicle after your act, so the next person entering ends up wondering how your poopoo smells so magical. ( please do not hesitate to laugh out loud )

2. Tissues – A pack of tissues is going to come handy in any situation whatsoever – Wiping off sweat from your face, wiping some stains off your clothes, and also for some emergency make up fixing like wiping that extra patch of lipstick off your face or even to wipe your hands after a hand wash if the washroom that you’re at has run out of their supply of tissues. One pack of tissues never did anyone any harm.

3. A tampon / sanitary pad – Now this one may come in handy for our own selves or also if any other lady friend of ours is in need.

4. Safety pins – Never underestimate the value of a safety pin in times of a wardrobe malfunction emergency. You never know when that fateful day may dawn upon you when some seams from your dress decide to break themselves free.

5. Chewing Gum – Ever had the feeling of being mortified by someone’s bad breath? Or perhaps worried of petrifying someone by your own? A chewing gum could always get handy in such situations. Always stay kiss ready / or if kisses aren’t your thing – always stay social interaction ready.

So that’s a small list of essentials one must have in their hand bags at any given time.

Let’s stay ready at all times ladies 😘💕

A financial accountant by day ; A blogger / instagrammer / skincare & beauty enthusiast by night ! Founder of thesissociate.com - Visit my Instagram - @rowena_pereira

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