This century that we are living in has witnessed the dawn of technology so advanced, that every new thing out there gets obsolete in a mere year or two. With the rise of this immense technological advancement we’ve also seen the rise of social media, and with this we’ve also seen the emergence of online trollers.

An online troller is just any person who blatantly voices his / her opinion , behind the safety of a computer / mobile screen. This lashing of opinions on others has become so rampant , that people have also resorted to making fake IDs and online accounts just to shove their opinions / views down someone else’s throat.

Social media has given us the privilege of being savage and ruthless , within the safe space of the virtual world, but it’s highly unlikely that half of these trollers would have anything to say upon confrontation, because confrontation calls for guts, which a large proportion of these trollers lack in abundance.

Now I don’t mean to say that having an opinion is wrong. We’re 8 billion individual entities on this planet each with an opinion of our own on various things in and around the world. These opinions may have formulated due to education , upbringing , friends , social circle , or even the region we have lived and grown in. Nevertheless, having these opinions do not make us any less of a human being, but what makes us less humane is passing them on to others , and doing so unsolicitedly and ruthlessly.

People have gotten into this pattern of thinking that an opinion / viewpoint or a way of living , different from that of his / her own is simply not acceptable or tolerable, whereas one should realize that the 8 billion different people come with their 8 billion sets of opinions, view points and ways of living.

This world is everybody’s to live in. Not one single person deserves to own this world a little more or a little lesser than any other.

I myself have been a part of this spiral of judging others and also have been afraid of being judged by others. I guess I still partially am in and out of that spiral. But what I’d like to remind myself from time to time ,and also you , my dear reader is that let us just live and let the other live life the way they want to. Let’s keep judgements aside.

Let us nurture the habit of coexisting harmoniously and with respect to others around us on this magnificent planet . Let’s be more mindful of other people’s existence in this world, and that every single person is free to have , do and be just what they want to.

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