Often in our lives, we experience events that are a test of our strength. Ever heard of anyone say “They may shatter me from the outside, but what’s inside is unbreakable”? The true test of one’s strength indeed lies in events or adversities like these, and how he or she paves his or her way out of the adversity, and shines even brighter than before.

So what is it that makes us so strong? What is the factor that keeps us un-shattered on the inside, no matter how mighty of a force it is, that’s trying to break us open from the outside? We’ve often heard narratives of indomitable human spirits that have faced adversity head on, and survived, or rather celebrated life through the adversities. 

The factor that keeps us going is sheer perseverance, grit, determination, resilience, persistence – name it what you want to. But it is the human spirit that refuses to give up, come what may and goes on forward, staring the damn challenge in the face.

We are all blessed with that resilient spirit. All of us have it within us. We are perhaps just a bit too afraid to admit that we do. But whom are we fooling? How long will we escape and take the easy way out? Just how many more times? 

Very often life may throw challenges at us that may seem impossible to scale or climb. But we all know that the view after the climb will be worth it.

Let’s take that climb pals, let’s just take it!

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