I’m quite sure that everyone of us , well at least most of us go through heartbreaks in our lives. We can go through them several number of times and each one of them can bring about a different degree of grief into our lives , and a different degree of change too.

I remember my very first heartbreak. I was 18 and when I look back now I don’t recollect going through a lot of grief back then. I was in college and life just went on and within just a few weeks I was completely alright.

And then fast forward five years later when I was 23 , I went through a more severe level of heartbreak. This was a strong one and I remember feeling feelings of hopelessness at times , and I remember that intense pain building up in my throat, in my chest, and the feelings of wanting to cry out loud , but not being able to because I was at work. I used to journal my feelings on to my diary in order to just feel lighter at times. I have deleted most of those journal entries now , but I tumbled upon one particular entry and breathed a sigh and just remembered how much pain I was in back then and I felt proud of myself for surviving and growing through it.

At 24 life started getting okay , I met the love of my life and I’m now married to him. All that chaos I was in during the 23rd year of my life , melted away when I met my husband and he felt like home to me instantly. I am so grateful today to have found my husband.

They say life makes sense backwards, which means that one fine day in future you’ll be able to look back in the past and go “Aha , that is why it happened. “. Today I can look back and say that the heartbreak happened in my life so I could cherish and celebrate the love I share with my husband ten folds more. The darkness makes you cherish and appreciate the brightness and good things in life even more.

But , yes, going through a heart break is going to be difficult, extremely difficult in fact. But please do know this, that you’ll be okay after a while. You may take a week, maybe a month, several months ,or maybe even a year or two. But you will be okay , and life will begin to bloom again, and life does and definitely will make sense to you one day. Till then, just keep going, just keep going, you may be over your grief even before you expected.

Lots of love to you friends. Just keep going. ❤️💖

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