We’re all a little judgmental at some point or the other in our lives. We , consciously or unknowingly pass enough and more judgements at people we do not like, people we do not agree with , or random people just being happier than we are and in the recent times we’ve been abundantly judging people on social media. And we do all of this being completely oblivious to the fact that perhaps there are instances where we are being judged too.

An average person always finds solace and satisfaction in being accepted. We also can agree that it feels amazing when people applaud, cheer and agree with our opinions and naturally we also do not like it when we’re ridiculed and disagreed with.

If we constantly monitor ourselves and keep a count on how many times we get judgmental, we’d be quite surprised. If the actions of another individual are not doing any physical harm to us, then why bother judging ? What benefit is being judgmental bringing into our lives? If the harm is mental or emotional, then it is us who need to take care of our selves better , so as to not allow another individual’s actions to hurt us emotionally or mentally. But as long as there’s no physical harm involved , let’s make it a point to not pass judgements on other people.

This world belongs to every single individual residing on it equally. And as such every individual has the right vested in himself or herself to do, to be, to have what they want and what they choose. And if this bothers us, then the problem lies in us my friend , and not the one we’re judging.

So live and let live. Set yourself free from judgements. Have a happy existence.

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