We have all dreamt of becoming celebrities at least once in our lives. We may have practiced giving interviews , or maybe even practiced an award acceptance speech. I also dream of becoming famous someday or at least be interviewed by someone someday. I’m quite certain that this dream will come true too, because dreams do come true. But till then I decided to look up some famous questions being asked to celebrities in their interviews and decided to answer them myself. (Fake it till you make it kind of a scenario ). So below are five questions I picked and below are my answers to them.

1. If I was God for a day what would I do ?

The first thing I’d probably do would be abolishing blind faith out of people’s lives. I’d also abolish all the different religions in the world and keep just one – Religion of Humanity/ Religion of being good to each other.

There’s an abundance of hypocrisy in terms of religion or faith existing in this world. There are people who are the least religious or even atheists for that matter who are beautiful souls and who have inspired and set positive impacts on other people’s lives. And there have been and there are those kind of people who are very religious , but with nasty souls. Some of these have also been responsible for massacres on people who haven’t agreed with their religious faith, or just for the fact that they’ve belonged to a different religion from that of theirs. So I think the first thing I’d do would be abolish all different religions so there’s no clash of opinions among people of different religions , and the world would outrightly be a more peaceful place to live in.

2. What things in life are still a mystery to me ?

I’m not of that a ripe age to have known all the mysteries of life. But of course there are certain things that remain as question marks to me. And I think the primary one would be why is there suffering in people’s lives and sometimes it seems as though there’s no end to this suffering, specifically poverty. I wish every single person on this planet would be given the knowledge and tools to be out of their financial struggles and overcome scarcity of resources in their lives and head towards abundance.

3. What scares me the most ?

What scares me the most is the thought of losing loved ones. I have what you call – death anxiety. Death anxiety essentially is the fear of dying. As much as I have the fear of myself dying, I’m also constantly bothered about losing my loved ones. This has got to be my worst fear. From time to time I get ominous thoughts, and I get terrorized when these thoughts dawn upon me. I have read a few articles on how to overcome this fear. The answers have been to let go of negative thoughts and cultivate the habit of being grateful for the gift of loved ones in our lives, and for every moment we spend with them, and let go of things that are not under our control. I am ultimately grateful for being blessed with family and friends who are so precious to me, and I’m learning and trying to let go as any such thought crosses my mind. But it is a slow process.

4. If there’s one thing I’d want to and change about my past, what would that be ?

I strongly believe that everything unfolds just right. There have instances in the past where I may have felt the need to go back further in the past and correct some actions. But as time has progressed , I feel everything has unfolded just right. I’m grateful for every past experience by means of which I have grown and learnt.

5. Just one sentence advice for someone struggling at something ?

Whatever it is that you’re going through, one day it will be all be over and you shall look back smiling and breathe a sigh of relief.

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