I observed a mere five seconds of silence just now. And I randomly placed my hands on my neck and in those five seconds I felt my pulse, the sound and the feel of my heartbeat, and this realization dawned upon me that I am alive.

Our bodies are these delicately crafted instruments, which are such beautiful pieces of art. There are so many intricacies and systems encapsulated within our bodies, which make us living beings, walking talking pieces of intricate art and craftsmanship.

We are alive and living in this wonderful world, and every so often, we forget that we are such magnificent beings, and we fall prey to the monotonous ways of existence, so monotonous that our living turns to mere survival. We wake up with dread of having to go through a bland day. We go to bed choking with the forced acceptance of our boring mundane lives. We are just surviving and not living, forgetting that we could actually take control of our lives, start over again, dream again and live and love again. There is so much beauty and so many amazing experiences that this world has to offer to us.

I wish each one of us is jolted with a realization that life is merely one. We live only once, and I pray that we shake off the gunk has accumulated on our minds and souls, and I hope we get rid of the acceptance that we’ll go where life takes us, and develop a consciousness that we can make life take us where we want to go. We can carve a path and pave a way, to the end of the tunnel where there brightness is in abundance.

I came across a quote on Facebook yesterday and it read – “I hope there are days when your coffee tastes like magic, your playlist makes you dance, strangers make you smile and the night sky touches your soul. I hope you fall in love with being alive again” and this my friends is what we ought to do. We ought to remember that life is such a gift, being alive is such a blessing and we ought to just fall in love being alive again!

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  1. September 4, 2019

    Today’s my godfather’s wake and I left because of the preachment of how he’s in a better place. I wondered what happened to “having life… in abundance.” I wonder why we live a life short of what we can and await a “hope of glory” someplace else. This, what you’ve written, has given me hope that someone out there still appreciates happiness as a way of life.
    God bless

    1. September 5, 2019

      I’m so glad my writing helped you dear. God bless you.

  2. October 23, 2019

    Always looking forward

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