As a new skin care enthusiast, I have found myself tumbling upon this very famous ingredient – “Hyaluronic Acid” every now and then on Social Media and on various skincare Blogs and YouTube Videos. It’s known to hold almost a thousand times its own weight in water, thus acting as a top grade hydrating agent for our skin.

I too jumped on the band wagon and bought myself the first the product showing up as the first search results for Hyaluronic Acid – The Ordinary’s Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5. I ended up buying 4 bottles of it initially because I was way too excited in the first place that I failed to notice it was a combo offer. I added 2 items, and ended up with 4 bottles. I didn’t suspect it at all because the pricing was quite alright, and I knew this was a wonderful brand being talked about by all these skin care bloggers on Instagram and YouTube and everywhere, that I thought I was paying a fair amount for this product. Little did I know I was getting four bottles, for what I thought was the price of two. And this is perhaps the first thing I loved about The Ordinary, is that they are such an affordable brand.

So let’s get on to the product. Now this is sort of a serum, more precisely a hydration support formula with Vegan Hyaluronic Acid. This is supposed to go before your creams / moisturizers both in your morning and evening routines.

Things that I love about the product:

  1. The price – The price of one bottle is just $10.90, quite a steal deal.
  2. Good Hydration – The application of this underneath my moisturizer has helped me with my skin dryness and flakiness.
  3. Ingredients – All good and safe ingredients, tolerable by most skin types.
  4. Vegan Formula – No animal derived ingredients
  5. No fragrance – No fragrance , hence no risk of skin sensitization


Things that I do not love about the product:


  1. There’s only one thing I do not like about this product and that is the viscosity. The texture is slightly thick and it leads to my moisturizers being applied after it turn very difficult to absorb. I’ve tried this serum with 4 different moisturizers and I’ve faced this difficulty with 3 out of the 4 moisturizers, and that is, the moisturizer taking forever to blend and get absorbed into my skin.


But apart from this, it is a superb formula, quite an affordable one. I’m on my second bottle. I’ve also given one bottle away to my friend and the last bottle I will give away to my sister. I can just buy another combo sometime soon because it is Oh So Affordable!

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