The Ordinary Hyaluronic 2% + B5 versus Marine Hyaluronics

Some of you may have read my previous post on The Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5, by THE ORDINARY – DECIEM. If you haven’t, here’s the link go check it out, it’s a quick read, and nothing extraordinarily exaggerated –

And now that you have read this post, you may have seen that one of the qualities that I do not like about this famous formula is its viscosity / thickness. Applying my moisturizers after this serum is a nightmare as it takes ages together to blend and get absorbed into my skin, – the occlusive moisturizers especially.

I have a dry skin type and hence I need my moisturizers to be more occlusive in nature than emollient. (I suggest you look up this link to learn about different types of moisturizers – ).

There’s 3 types primarily – Humectant Type, Emollient Type and Occlusive Type – Humectant being the most lightweight and thinnest, Emollient being slightly thicker and denser and Occlusive being the thickest and the densest of the three. Since I suffer from dryness and sometimes flakiness, I use occlusive moisturizers, the ones with thicker consistencies that help to fight the flakiness.

Back to The Hyaluronic Acid Formula – since it is quite thick, it doesn’t go well as a hydrator before my Moisturizers. I have tried 4 different moisturizers, and with 3 out of 4 I had this issue and the moisturizer literally turns into a goopy sticky mess. And for this reason I decided to explore a bit deeper and bought myself a different version Hyaluronic Acid from DECIEM itself, and that is The Ordinary – Marine Hyaluronics, because the primary reason why this was apparently devised by their team was to be a lighter / thinner alternative to the original Hyaluronic 2% formula, and since this is exactly what I was looking for I bought myself a bottle.

I do my purchases of The Ordinary from Look Fantastic UAE – (The link just in case you’d want to check out), also here’s the link to DECIEM’s website to check their entire collection and their different brands out –

Alright, now moving on to the comparison between the two Hyaluronic Acid formulas.

Price $.10.90 $.10.90
Base Ingredient Contains Hyaluronic Acid (Sodium Hyaluronate) Contains a combination of various marine derived water reservoirs (No Actual Hyaluronic Acid but is formulated in a way to support with hydration just as the regular Hyaluronic Acid formulation would do)
Application AM and PM routines – Before Moisturizers AM and PM routines – Before Moisturizers    
Consistency Thick Consistency / Viscous Ultra Lightweight / Almost Watery consistency
Best With moisturizer type Since the consistency is already thick, this is best suited with lighter consistency moisturizers – like Gel moisturizers Since the consistency is lighter, this is best suited with heavier moisturizers such as cream and lotion moisturizers.

So, this is my review on the two Hyaluronic Acid Formulas by THE ORDINARY. There’s also another Hyaluronic Acid formulation by DECIEM, – THE MULTI MOLECULAR HYALURONIC COMPLEX – but this one is from a different Sub Brand called – NIOD and not THE ORDINARY. It’s slightly on the expensive side. I shall speak about it in a different blog post some other time.

Till then, Adios!


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