I’m sure a whole lot of you out there will agree with me wholeheartedly that there’s no other show like FRIENDS. I have been an avid fan and I’ve watched the complete series twice, and multiple episodes every now and then when there’s absolutely nothing else gripping my attention. FRIENDS has been my number one source of entertainment at times of happiness , boredom and even sadness at times.

I’m also sure that a lot of you will agree with me if I had to say there’s a lot of life lessons to take home from FRIENDS. And without further ado, below are Five Life Lessons that I have personally taken from away from FRIENDS.

1. It’s all going to be okay ! Several instances in FRIENDS have shown us where no matter how messy a situation someone currently is in, it does pass and soon everything falls back in place. So of all the things that you should remember watching this shows is that it’s all going to be alright!



2. The warmth of friends and loved ones makes everything better in life ! This series has shown how wonderful the gift of friends in our life is. And I’m sure we all agree on the fact that the presence , comfort and the warmth of our friends and loved ones has helped us face something we wouldn’t have been able to face alone.



3. Confrontation and Truthfulness – This is one of the most important ones for me. A lot of episodes in the series show how important it is to communicate , confront and apologize to your friend , when you know you’ve done wrong to him or her. The series emphasizes on the giving up of ego and being upfront and apologetic , when you’ve wronged someone else.


4. Chase those dreams – FRIENDS has also emphasized on the importance of chasing your dreams – May it be career related or just personal dreams. Chase and achieve your dreams always ! What else would bring true purpose and meaning to life ?



5. Don’t give up on love – By this I don’t necessarily mean that you will end up with the same person who you want to and are currently obsessed with. But in the end, you do end up with the one truly meant for you. You maybe dating your Carol now or you may be in love with your Richard. But don’t you worry ! Your Rachel and your Chandler will come. Don’t you ever give up on Love !

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