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Today’s post is going to be a comparison between two moisturizers from a brand that I very recently discovered as I was shopping online on https://www.lookfantastic.ae/  – The First Aid Beauty.

My first ever purchases from this brand are these two moisturizers from the title. I am not certain if I may or may not purchase other items from their product line in the future, but I am certain about this one thing – I have found my new favorite moisturizer and I will definitely go back to restocking it soon.

Now, below is a comparison between both the moisturizers, on four different factors based on my observations and usage so far !

TEXTURE / CONSISTENCY Heavier / Thicker consistency Lightweight and more lotion like consistency
PRICE AED 47.80/- AED 90.82/-
PERFECT FOR SKIN TYPE For Intense Repair – Dry , Flaky , Parched Skin For Regular to Dry Skin
USAGE  Can be used on the face and also on the body. Specifically a facial moisturizer

Even though I am someone who gets flaky skin ,and I should be choosing the Ultra Repair Cream since it addresses my concerns and also because it’s cheaper, the reason why I’d repurchase the Facial Moisturizer is because of its texture and how it is easier to blend after I’ve applied my serums/ hydrators. Moisturizers with heavier textures tend to get greasy when you’ve applied serums and hydrators in your routine, and the application turns into a greasy / sloppy mess. However , with that being said, I’d have to say that the texture of the Ultra Repair Cream isn’t as thick as some other moisturizers I’ve used from other brands, hence I might even change my mind and repurchase the Ultra Repair Cream instead of the Facial Moisturizer.

But yeah, both of these are a great set of moisturizers, and I’m so grateful to have found them. And one of these is going to be my new constant moisturizer until I’d want to go hunting the next time for a different one !

That’s all for now everybody ! Hope you liked this blog post !


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