Introvert ? Extrovert ? Or dancing between the two?


How do you define an introvert? In simple words an introvert is someone who is shy.

I am an introvert. I am shy when I meet someone new. Conversational ease doesn’t come easy to me. But I love my family and friends, and I am extremely comfortable , in fact beyond just comfortable , I am super high spirited when I am around them.

However, I hardly make new friends, and the thought of walking into a room full of strangers is so nerve wracking. I am constantly boggled with thoughts on what should be my first words to a particular stranger, should I laugh at a joke I do not understand, should I ask them to repeat it to me? Oh, and what if someone asks me what the joke actually was? How do I remember names etc.?

Yes, these are some thoughts that scurry up and down in my head as I think of going someplace new. But I try and do my best to go meet people, by compering events, or attending some random gathering (although I don’t remember when I did this last).

Sometimes, I even have extremely awkward conversations with some people, and I always end up getting better responses to them at a later time either in my shower, or just before I hit the bed. Yeah! Story of my life.

Does this resonate with you? Are you also like me? We’re not quite the introverts, but we’re not the extrovert kind either. Our reality balances cautiously between these two extremes.

One way to tackle this nerve wracking , mind boggling nervousness in striking conversations , would be to actually go out there and do what you dread / fear the most – and that is, go out and actually meet new people. It will result in either of the two things – one, you could be an absolute hit, you may instantly connect with someone and establish a great rapport, if so, congratulations, and keep on doing what you’re doing, or, two, you could fail at times, become totally awkward, instantly regret saying something, and hate yourself for saying the stupidest things ever, but hey, it’s alright, keep on doing what you’re doing anyway. There are good chances you will get better at meeting new people and breaking the ice eventually and gradually with practice. 

Life is just one, someday in the future, you do not want to regret NOT taking those chances. Go ahead, have a happy existence, and make it count!

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