Have you ever been hit by a sudden wave of retail therapy that you decide make random buys off of online stores. You may also agree with me that some of these purchases are made so impulsively, that you almost wish you could undo them, because after a while you’d end up asking yourself a question – Did I really need it?

One such purchase for me was the Clinique’s Moisture Surge Face Spray. However, once it arrived, it did fit into my routine perfectly, I was anyway looking for a facial mist to use as a base for my serums, and this did good justice. I have now been using this for about two months and I have a sort of had a love hate relationship with this one.

Let’s break down the ingredients, Shall we?

  1. Water/Aqua/Eau – No breakdown really required here. Duh!
  2. Dipropylene Glycol – Fragrance Ingredient; Solvent; Viscosity Decreasing Agent; MASKING; VISCOSITY CONTROLLING
  3. Butylene Glycol – Fragrance Ingredient; Skin-Conditioning Agent – Miscellaneous; Solvent; Viscosity Decreasing Agent; HUMECTANT; MASKING; SKIN CONDITIONING; VISCOSITY CONTROLLING
  4. Glycerin – Denaturant; Fragrance Ingredient; Hair Conditioning Agent; Humectant; Oral Care Agent; Oral Health Care Drug; Skin-Conditioning Agent – Humectant; Skin Protectant; Viscosity Decreasing Agent; PERFUMING; SOLVENT
  5. Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Water (Aloe Vera) – Fragrance Ingredient, Masking, Skin Soothing, Antioxidants
  6. Centella Asciatica Extract – Antioxidant properties, Hydrating Ingredient
  7. SACCHAROMYCES/ LYSATE – Skin Conditioning
  8. Yeast Extract – Antioxidants
  9. Caffeine – Fragrance Ingredient; Skin-Conditioning Agent – Miscellaneous; MASKING; SKIN CONDITIONING
  10. Trehalose – Flavoring Agent; Humectant; MOISTURISING
  11. Tocopheryl Acetate – Antioxidant; Skin-Conditioning Agent – Miscellaneous; SKIN CONDITIONING
  12. Sucrose – Skin-Replenishing, Hydration
  13. Sorbitol – Thickeners/Emulsifiers, Hydration, Slip Agents
  14. Disodium EDTA – Viscosity Controlling, Chelating Agent
  15. Potassium Sorbate – Fragrance Ingredient; Preservative
  16. Chlorphenesin – Preservative
  17. PHENOXYETHANOL – Fragrance Ingredient, Preservative

I have used two sources to check the ingredients (Paulas Choice – Ingredient Dictionary – https://www.paulaschoice.com/ingredient-dictionary?crefn1=name-first-letter&crefv1=P and EWG’S Skin Deep Cosmetics Data Base – https://www.ewg.org/skindeep/

All the above mentioned ingredients are okay and certified safe to be used in cosmetics and skin care. 

Pros & Cons

And now, proceeding to the actual uses of this product – The Description states that it provides rapid hydration & replenishes thirsty skin. Aloe activated water instantly soothes & leaves skin soft and smooth. Can use under or over makeup.

It truly is an instant hydrating booster, provides skin with hydration and moisture, on the surface level. This will provide your skin a subtle level of hydration, on the surface only, and a very short lived one. However in your skin care regimen, it is of no use unless you seal that moisture in with an actual moisturizer. If you are planning to use this instead of a moisturizer, it definitely won’t work.

Also, with my use so far, I have noticed that, what gives my skin the ultimate hydration or moisture is my Hyaluronic Acid Serums and my moisturizers. So I can say, that I can go without this product. It isn’t a must in my vanity and two months of its use have had no significant effects on my skin.

This may or may not provide you good hydration in the middle of the day, on top of your make up. I say “May or may not “ because I haven’t tried using it that way – as a setting spray, or as a facial spritz on top of makeup in the middle of the day.


With all that being said, a brief gist in just one sentence would be – You can live without it.

Alright then, I hope you liked this review. If you did, let me know in the comments down below. Bye for now. Until next time!

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