10 Cat accounts to follow on Instagram !


Aren’t cats just the best? They’re cute, silly and absolutely adorable at the same time. I am an avid cat lover. I love dogs too, and they’re the absolute embodiment of mankind’s best animal-friendship. But I’m somehow more inclined towards cats than dogs. I’ve had cat pets in the past and it has been an absolute pleasure, and I’m so grateful that we’re blessed with these amazing creatures on this planet whom we can nurture and care for.

One of my best things to do to de-stress myself is endlessly watching cat videos / pictures on YouTube & Instagram respectively. I follow a dozen lot of cat and dog accounts on Instagram and they’re such a wonderful way to relax me and add some fun element into my life.

Below are 10 cat accounts I think you should follow too, of course there’s plenty more out there, maybe I’ll make another list some other time. For now, here’s 10! 

Nala Cat 


White Coffee Cat 


Smoothie The Cat


Rexie Cat


Parker , Lily & Jasmine


Belarus The Cat


Mies & Moof


Sir Thomas True Heart 


The Cat named Carrot





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