Palmer’s Lip Balm made my lips itchy !!!

I have been on the quest for the perfect lip balm for a very long time now and very recently I came across The Palmer’s Lip Balm – Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E (Dark Chocolate & mint Flavor) and I thought my prayers had been answered, but it turns out I am back on the lip balm hunt yet again.

I’ve been using it for the past 15 to 20 days , and immediately after the application , the corners of my lips start feeling terribly itchy. I kept dismissing the itch thinking it’ll get better as I get used to it . But it only kept getting worse probably because there’s some ingredient which is in there, that my skin is not able to tolerate at all.

However, I have had an acquaintance say to me that this balm makes her lips very supple and soft, but , unfortunately it doesn’t work for me, and with a heavy heart I have decided to scrap it.

Of course I decided to do some google research and find out why exactly it didn’t work for me.

So I found these two articles on this subject and both of these contain lists of ingredients in a lip balm that may cause irritation or allergies. So here we go,

And from both these articles , I’ve derived the below ingredients which are present in the Palmers lip balm which may have caused my lips to itch profusely after the application.

Ingredients present in Palmers Lip Balm

Chemical Sunscreens – YES

Fragrance & Flavoring – YES


Mineral Oil – YES

But again, I can’t tell which one exactly was the ingredient that caused the reaction in me. It could be either one of the four.

The bottom line is – It doesn’t work me, the itch is simply unbearable, and it’s high time I discontinued the usage of it. So the hunt for my ultimate lip balm is still on !

That’s all for now. Until next time !





  1. the same thing happened to me!!! id actually been using it for a few weeks and my lips had been fine and i really liked it, but recently its made my lips itch like CRAZY!


  2. Hey, yes…I’ve used Palmer’s lipbalm but, my lips swelled a bit and they were itchy until I swatched them off and washed. I suspect the irritant is because of strong fragrances they used in the formula that maybe the irritant for lips. Some companies reduce the formula from strong scented to lightly scented fragrance for their products as they may have received reviews from individuals who’ve experienced reactions from the strong fragrance formula.


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