Every once in a while one does come across something they absolutely fall in love with , head over heels and I’m not talking anything in reference to a romantic movie, I am talking about a product. There are times in our quest for a particular beauty product we try and test a couple of different products from different brands. We like some qualities in some brands, dislike some qualities in some other brands. Brands that are easy on the pocket aren’t so great quality wise, but the ones that actually work may be quite exorbitantly priced.


And in my quest for cleansers and during my endless scrolling on Instagram one day, I came across a brand called GOOD MOLECULES. It’s a very new brand. They launched just in Jan 2019 and have been quite a hit so far. And me being a relatively new skin care enthusiast, decided to give this brand a try (also because they are quite affordable), and My Oh My I’ve been swept off my feet. I bought their Super Seven Serum / Oil set and the Instant Cleansing Balm, and I’m glad I pressed checkout on the BEAUTYLISH online store that day!

This post is solely about the INSTANT CLEANSING BALM. I shall review the SUPER SEVEN set in a different post some other time.


The Instant Cleansing Balm is hands down my favorite product from 2019. Below is a summarized review of the product.


Makeup Removal – It is an extremely effective makeup remover. It’ll get the toughest and the most stubborn of your makeup off, from long wear Matte lipsticks to extra durable Mascaras and eyeliners. Everything just melts away so wonderfully. If one application doesn’t get all of it off, the second application is sure to take out every minute residue off your face.


Gentle Cleanser – In addition to being a powerful makeup remover, it also is a very soothing cleanser. It is a balm cleanser and unlike, foaming cleansers it doesn’t strip off moisture from your face. At the end of the day, a double cleanse with this balm is the perfect base for the rest of your skin care to follow. It leaves your skin nourished and at the same time clean and prepared for all your other skin care.


Brilliant Texture – The texture is one of the best I have ever come across. It’s buttery yet not too creamy or runny. It’s the perfect consistency for makeup removal. Upon contact with your skin and upon warming up it turns oily and thus aids in breaking down all your makeup. You could either use a flannel or a soft cloth to wipe it off your face or wash it off with water. Upon contacting water it turns milky and runny thus helping to wash off and clear the makeup off your face. I’d recommend a first application and removal with flannel, and a second application and washing it off thoroughly for the best results.



Ingredients – It has around 14 ingredients and almost all of them are great except the two below – Pelargonium Graveolens Flower Oil & Cananga Odorata Flower Oil. Both of these are fragrance ingredients and may be potential skin sensitizing agents. However, my personal observation is that since these are in a cleanser, they don’t really have an opportunity to be absorbed into your skin and thus pose minimal threat. Had they been part of a toner, serum or anything left on the skin to be absorbed, then they would be slightly questionable. However, their presence in a cleanser which you will wash away completely, hardly poses a threat.


Price – The best part about this product and also their entire product range is how affordable it is. The instant cleansing balm is priced only at USD. 15/- This has got to be one of the most affordable and at the same time one of the most effective cleansing balms to ever exist out there.


End Result – My top rated Cleansing Balm and my top rated Beauty Product so far!

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