We all get into some or the other kind of conflicts or disagreements with people around us from time to time, Don’t we? We have silly quarrels with our peers, and sometimes, serious disagreements and differences in opinions with different components of our society. These different opinions and disagreements are what make each one of us different from the other. The evolution of human society has been a result of such disagreements and differences of opinions.

Imagine all 8 billion of us thinking the same way! Had this been the case, no human progress would have ever seen the light of the day and we would all still be living in a pre-historic era like mere nomads in search of food.

When one has questioned the wrong, and dared to think different from the masses is when revolutions have begun in the history. The modern human society is thus a result of thousands of viewpoints, differences in opinions, and disagreements that have shaped our history in one way or the other.


From time to time, people who have questioned rigid bureaucratic systems have been stubbed, seldom even nipped in the bud. Revolutions have always scared the individuals in power from time immemorial, and thus these powerful elite have often sought to means to oppress free thinkers and revolutionaries.

However, it is certain that that eventually the triumph has been of those who dared to think differently. The ones who dared to question the unbending and autocratic systems have ultimately, even though painfully, attained great feats.

These great men and women from the past have been dynamic facilitators of many privileges we have at our disposal in the modern world. So let this be a reminder, that one’s valor and courage to rise in the face of rigid oppression shall always be rewarded.

Dare to be different!


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