The universe we live in is vast and never ending and we as humans are so small and tiny compared to this infinity that surrounds us. Amidst this stretch of vastness, have you ever brought your awareness to “you”? A tiny, yet significant part of this universe. Have you ever been baffled with the thought of figuring out the concept and meaning behind your individuality, and precisely what it is that makes you, you? 

As human beings we are expected to be a certain way. This requisite changes from generation to generation. We are expected to be, and live the way other humans around us, live. A small change in our personality, that doesn’t resemble the ones we surround, terrifies everyone. Uniqueness is often looked down upon.

As human beings, we are complex and twisted creatures. Our minds and hearts work in so many different ways, more than we can even imagine. It is this mixture of thoughts, facts, truths and lies, that makes us so complicated. Everything we see, everything we hear, the people we meet mend our minds into something new, unrecognisable and unpredictable. This makes us change drastically with time, so much so that our entire existence is influenced by these factors.

At every stage of our life, we discover different and new things about ourselves. Maybe you like ice cream, maybe you hate coffee, it all comes to us slowly. It takes time to understand what we really like. Probably we were hiding our real self from ourselves subconsciously, just to fit in. I’m sure everyone has been there and done that. It takes us time to distinguish between what people want us to be and who we want to be and what we like.

We are shaped by everyone we meet. What matters is who we share our room with. Their story, their life experiences, their behaviour, that’s what shapes us. When you think about it that way, we are all interconnected in a complicated manner. You see and inculcate what you want. If something is not introduced to you, you don’t even know about its existence, hence you won’t know what your take is when it comes to that thing.

It’s more about others and less about us. When you see it that way it may make you feel powerless, as we are literally a result of everything we derive from others. It maybe good habits or bad ones. It maybe a food item or a drink, a vacation spot or your favourite country. It’s always influenced by others. However, something you have to remember is that the choice is always ours to make. We maybe made up of other peoples likes and behaviours, but it’s always our choice and that is what lets you stay in power.

How to find our true self? That is not an easy question. Exploring one’s self can be very difficult. It involves trying new things, taking time for yourself and staying with your thoughts and understanding them. It involves asking yourself a lot of difficult questions and facing the truth about you. Why are you feeling the way you are feeling? Why are those thoughts there in your mind? Why is it so hard? We have a perception about ourselves. How we are, how strong we should be, how good we are supposed to be according to our good-bad scale. Facing our true self means facing everything, the good and the bad that’s within us. And that terrifies us. What if we are not who we thought we were? What if it’s all different? Honestly, we can’t do anything except accept ourselves the way we are. The main thing to remember is that even if there are dark sides within us, we always have the choice to restrict it from taking control. In the end it’s up to us.

There are going to be times when you doubt yourself and question yourself. There are going to be times when people are going to claim to know you better than you. What you need to do is take time and reflect on yourself, find out what you think and put it into action. Believe you can and will make the right choice for yourself because no one in the entire world knows you better than YOU.


Dwells in your mind an intricate maze
Some things not understandable, they say it's a phase
It's nothing but a race to meet your own self
Some win or lose, but ignorant bystanders just gaze

Wanting to find a way out of this dolour
We may get lost between our demons and misery 
Remember to find someone to rely on
Someone to help you out of this disarray 

It's important to find a way out
Imbibe every glitch you face
Buoyant is the attitude needed
Cross every path with a smile on your face

In the end the greatest joy awaits 
A joy you fought for, longed for
A strong and powerful better self
Someone you love and stand in awe for, 

Hey ! I'm Anu ! I work at Amazon. I'm currently busy wasting my time and trying to get at least something right about my life :)
  1. JAMES P A
    September 18, 2021

    Good expression of life in you

    1. September 28, 2021

      Good writeup.

  2. Shanthala Rao
    September 20, 2021

    Hi Anu
    Very good writing. You have interesting and intriguing thoughts!!
    Enjoy the life as it comes
    Keep on writing
    All the best
    Shanthala Rao

  3. Bindu
    October 13, 2021

    Very good Any.

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