“Lockdown effects on my life” – A student’s perspective on the Covid-19 Lockdown in India !

The year 2020 exposed an unexpected turn of events throughout the world. As per my knowledge this is the first incident that affected all the nations of the globe. Many people have suffered financially, emotionally and physically because of this global crisis.

I am the kind of person who always liked to be busy. I’m a student based in Mangalore, India and since my home was situated at a far distance from college, most of my time was spent on travelling, homework and assignments. Now, you may be wondering if this is my attempt at fishing for compliments or boasting about myself. But, to be honest, I just want to explain how this pandemic condition has affected me.

In the beginning, I used to hear people talking about the effects created by the COVID – 19 outbreaks. The day the Indian Government declared the lock down also happened to be the same day our college announced an exam revision break. So, the first few days the situation did not personally affect me much, as I was busy studying. But later on, I started to feel tired of reading, so, I started taking online courses. But even then, I felt as though I was wasting a lot of time and I started to feel frustrated. There were times, I felt blank. I began to miss the time I spent in college. I felt like a prisoner at home doing nothing. This continued for a month or so.

But later one day when I read the newspaper, I suddenly realized that this whole pandemic situation is not going to get better for at least a year. I made up my mind to survive along with the situation instead of waiting for everything to get over. Since my father is an agriculturalist, we came up with a plan to start planting Sandalwood, Teak and many other plants in our land. I also helped my mother in house hold chores as she had to cook for about eight to ten workers daily. I got to know more about the problems faced by farmers.

I also became aware of the struggles the agricultural workers have to undergo as they have to work in extreme conditions like heavy rain, and the entire pandemic situation. This went on for another month. However, I felt that something was still missing in my life. My boredom got me to convince my parents to bring home pets and soon enough we had adopted two dogs, Harry and Lily. Perhaps the pandemic did make a lot of us bring home pets to heal our boredom.

In my free time, I also started reading books as I have always wanted and loved to read books. It’s been a year, and I have adapted to living with this pandemic and also watched our plantation grow. Here are a few pictures of our pandemic plantation.

Now that it is been a year and life has started getting back to normal, I just want to conclude by saying that during this pandemic situation I have learnt a very important lesson, that is if we don’t want to waste time, there are a lot of things we could do. We just have to be optimistic. So, my dear friends, don’t let your brain be lazy by doing nothing for there is a famous saying “AN IDLE MIND IS A DEVIL’S WORKSHOP”. Be happy always!


  1. Superb article and interesting.
    Whatever that’s written by you is absolutely correct and this is the situation even I’m facing.
    Thanks for this article. By reading this, I felt more relaxed and also I’m happy about you that how you faced this.
    All the best for you.


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