One fine evening while we were doing our weekly grocery run at the Carrefour Hypermarket, we walked straight into the beauty/skin-care/ personal care products aisle. And one product we decided to walk away with, was the L’oreal Paris Hydra Genius Aloe Water Moisturizer.

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We decided to use the product for three weeks, and based on our observation below is our detailed review on all aspects of the product.

PRICE – One of the primary reasons why we were drawn to this product at the aisle was that it was priced very low – roughly around AED. 25 or AED. 26 for a 70 ML bottle. It was probably on a clearance sale. Because we found this same product in the weeks thereafter at two separate stores (Lulu Hypermarket and Boots Pharmacy) priced way too higher than this.

So it seems that the price in Carrefour was a steal deal, and had it been priced anything like what we found at Boots Pharmacy and Lulu Hypermarket we’d probably not pick it up either.

TEXTURE – We’ve got to give it five stars for its texture. It’s light weight, gel-like and blends beautifully into your skin. But since it’s lightweight it also dried up quickly whenever we applied it, so there’s no chance it would provide adequate moisture to last 72 hours as mentioned on the packaging.

Actually against this 72 hour claim there’s an asterisk with a comment mentioned stating – “Instrumental test – 26 women”. But you really can’t ascertain much from this disclaimer. Did these 26 women really feel the hydration last for 72 hours? Guess we’ll never know, it clearly didn’t in our case.

HYDRATING INGREDIENTS – The product has some amazing hydrating ingredients – Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Glycerin, sodium hyaluronate and hyaluronic acid. But despite having all these ingredients, it didn’t provide long lasting hydration. This would be best to use in the summers perhaps and not in the winter while your skin craves the best in terms of hydration.

FRAGRANCE – Now let’s talk about the fragrance in this product. It’s got a very watery / aqua kind of fragrance which is obvious because it’s all about hydration. Actually, a little bit of fragrance is alright, as long as it’s not overpowering. But sadly, in this case the fragrance is a bit too overpowering. In our opinion the smell of this product is something that would be acceptable in a toothpaste or a mouthwash and not a face moisturizer at all. In the very first whiff you get a lot of the scent and it feels almost like you’re testing out a perfume sample at a perfume store, and that too an unpleasant one.

FINAL VERDICT – So yeah, this product would’ve been a great one if not for its overpowering minty scent. But it’s not a very hydrating product either, so if you have severe dry , scaly skin then this won’t help with effective hydration. It could however be a good summertime moisturizer, since it’s non greasy and lightweight

So would we buy this product again? Definitely not! But are we gonna toss it over into the bin? Also definitely not! We’re gonna finish it off by using it on our hands and legs.

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