Hello and welcome to a new post. This one is going to be a product review. And the product is from this wonderful brand, Good Molecules – The Rosewater Daily Cleansing Gel. Before we get into the product here’s a little bit about the brand. I was first introduced to Good Molecules through a YouTube Video by Beauty Within. Here’s a link in case you’d want to check it out.

So, in the video they spoke about the various products in their range back in 2019, and I was intrigued. I did a little research and was super excited to find out that first of all, they were super affordable, and most importantly I could have them delivered to the UAE, through their official website – Beautylish.com and that was super exciting. Fast forward to today, after having tried around six or seven of their products, the latest one I decided to buy was the Rosewater Daily Cleansing Gel. And now after having used it for over a month, it feels apt to review it.

Texture: This cleanser has a very interesting texture. As the name suggests, it is a gel. However, it is not a runny, flowy gel. It is slightly slimy, but not in a bad way. It’s slimy but not at all sticky. Think of the texture of aloe vera gel. This is something very similar to that.

Price: The entire brand and their price range is very affordable. The most expensive product in their range is just USD.18 This cleanser is priced at USD.12 for a 120 ml jar, which is such an amazing price.

Transparency of the Brand: Now this point is not just about this particular product, it’s about the whole brand. One of the most amazing things about the brand is their transparency. On their packaging they generally display all of their ingredients, along with the percentage of each ingredient used in the product. The concept is called the “Nothing to hide ingredient list”.

Fragrance: There is no fragrance ingredient in their ingredient list. From the name, one would guess that this would have a very sensitizing rosewater like fragrance, fortunately it has none of that. It feels absolutely gentle on your skin, unlike some cleansers that give you a slightly burning sensation due to some ingredients that may be present therein.

Usage: This is an excellent second cleanser, and a great morning cleanser. It doesn’t dry out your skin too much. Just the right amount of hydration. Overall, a great product.

So that was it, hope you liked the review. Stay tuned for more. Do make sure to follow us on Instagram and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Bye, Until next time!

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