Just about two months ago, I happened to carelessly use a lot of retinol, without knowing the consequences of it thoroughly, and as a result my face suffered immensely. I experienced excessive dryness and skin peeling, and my moisturizer that I had at the moment wasn’t being effective at all. And I went online desperately, to look for a solution and I came across this product by La Roche Posay – Cicaplast Balm B5 – Soothing Repairing Balm.  I also happened to research on Instagram and came across a review by one of my favorites – Michelle Wong, and I was instantly convinced.

I also happened to notice that this is liked by a lot, from the reviews that I saw on Instagram, and rightly so. This is an excellent healing cream for instances similar to what I experienced, for example – redness, extensive dryness etc.

Now let’s break the review down –

  • Excellent healing / repairing cream – The cream is a great healing solution. My dryness and redness had vanished within just 3 or 4 applications. But it could’ve also been because I had completely stopped application of retinol (which caused my dryness and flakiness) in the first place. But this balm did help in keeping my skin nourished and thoroughly hydrated for 12 to 14 hours at a stretch.
  • Thick Texture – The texture of the cream / balm is thick and heavy. So, it can get a little bit tricky spreading it all over and it does take some time for it to get absorbed into the skin – especially if you have a lot of other products layered up, like serums or treatments and so on. Hence the texture isn’t a hit for me. I have always been fond of lighter textured moisturizers in general.
  • White Cast – One of the ingredients in the list is titanium dioxide. Titanium dioxide is primarily used as a sunscreen filter – in that it works as a UV filtering ingredient. It essentially blocks the absorption of sun’s ultraviolet rays. But one disadvantage of titanium dioxide is that it leaves a white cast on the face – making it difficult for the product to be absorbed into the skin.

Here’s a reel of my application process – Have a look!

So that was my very brief review about this product. It is a great product in terms of its healing properties, but I’m not a big fan of its texture and the fact that it gives me a white cast. Would I buy this again? Probably not. But it is a good buy if you’re looking at something to heal your irritated and inflamed skin.

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