Halloween ! What is this mystery ?

Have you ever wondered what this mystery is that surrounds this time of the year? What is Halloween?  Why do people dress up in ghost costumes? What is the meaning of spooky carvings on pumpkins what is the deal with “trick-or-treat”? Let’s get right into it. Shall we? Origin of Halloween and its association with […]

ALPECIN ” Dandruff Killer Shampoo ” Review

If your scalp is anything like mine, you have battled dandruff on your head for a fairly good amount of time. My head has experienced, what I’d like to call “Scaly Scalp Days” numerous amount of times. In the past somehow the dandruff did manage to subside on its own. But lately, perhaps the past […]

COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch Review

So I recently got my hands on the popular “Acne Pimple Master Patch” by the Korean Skin Care brand COSRX. Fortunately I don’t have an acne prone skin. My breakouts are very rare and in situations only when I’ve treated my skin badly , for example not had enough water, not applied sun protection or […]

Becoming a Self Nurturer !

As humans, we constantly yearn for a sense of belonging and acceptance. Our hearts blossom where we are accepted and they wither where we are not. The core of human essence lies in being loved and in this quest, we often end up getting baffled when we are not loved by someone else. We divert […]

Five ways to start sustainable living !

We are often bombarded by mainstream media and social media on how our planet is in dire need of help, of how it is on the verge of destruction. A destruction that humankind has brought upon it over the years. We have heard of a severe climate change crisis , icebergs melting, temperatures reaching points […]

Dare to be different !

We all get into some or the other kind of conflicts or disagreements with people around us from time to time, Don’t we? We have silly quarrels with our peers, and sometimes, serious disagreements and differences in opinions with different components of our society. These different opinions and disagreements are what make each one of […]

Identifying fake influencers on Instagram

We often find ourselves scrolling endlessly on social, envying influencers living their dream lives in a bikini, swimming in private beaches in the Bora Bora islands, drinking their matcha bubble teas, and leaving us with a major sense of “FOMO”. The term “influencer” has become a buzzword in the marketing / advertising /PR industry for […]

5 Valentine’s Day activities for the happily single folks in Abudhabi

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and love is in the air, isn’t it? Well, there are some of us out there, for whom Valentine’s Day does not hold so much importance. There may be multiple reasons for it – Some of us may be single. Some of us may be in relationships but […]

20 Valentine’s Day Deals in Abudhabi

I was casually strolling in a mall in Abu Dhabi, a few days back and my gaze happened to fall on the décor items being set up at Daiso, the Japanese store. There were red heart shaped cushions, teddy bears, and all things symbolizing love and I realized it was soon time for one of […]

Some myths busted about Veganism!

We are just 17 days into the New Year 2020 and it has been quite eventful so far, an escalated tension between nations of the world, leading the masses to believe in a likely World War Three situation; a massive raging bush fire in the Australian sub-continent, an erroneous shooting down of a passenger plane, […]