Some myths busted about Veganism!

We are just 17 days into the New Year 2020 and it has been quite eventful so far, an escalated tension between nations of the world, leading the masses to believe in a likely World War Three situation; a massive raging bush fire in the Australian sub-continent, an erroneous shooting down of a passenger plane, […]

10 Cat accounts to follow on Instagram !

Aren’t cats just the best? They’re cute, silly and absolutely adorable at the same time. I am an avid cat lover. I love dogs too, and they’re the absolute embodiment of mankind’s best animal-friendship. But I’m somehow more inclined towards cats than dogs. I’ve had cat pets in the past and it has been an […]

Introvert ? Extrovert ? Or dancing between the two?

How do you define an introvert? In simple words an introvert is someone who is shy. I am an introvert. I am shy when I meet someone new. Conversational ease doesn’t come easy to me. But I love my family and friends, and I am extremely comfortable , in fact beyond just comfortable , I […]


In our everyday lives, at school, at work or at any day to day scenarios, one of the most important things we have to do in this world revolving around co-existence, is communication. We come across various situations as we go about our lives and every so often, these situations call for us to be […]

Five life lessons from the TV series – FRIENDS

I’m sure a whole lot of you out there will agree with me wholeheartedly that there’s no other show like FRIENDS. I have been an avid fan and I’ve watched the complete series twice, and multiple episodes every now and then when there’s absolutely nothing else gripping my attention. FRIENDS has been my number one […]

Interviewing myself !

We have all dreamt of becoming celebrities at least once in our lives. We may have practiced giving interviews , or maybe even practiced an award acceptance speech. I also dream of becoming famous someday or at least be interviewed by someone someday. I’m quite certain that this dream will come true too, because dreams […]

Unsolicited Online Opinions!

This century that we are living in has witnessed the dawn of technology so advanced, that every new thing out there gets obsolete in a mere year or two. With the rise of this immense technological advancement we’ve also seen the rise of social media, and with this we’ve also seen the emergence of online […]