5 Reasons why you must catch Sunsets more often!

Speaking from personal experience, sunsets have always played a huge role in my life. From being proposed to, to catching up with an old friend near the Corniche breakwaters (Abu Dhabi) in the evening, and even watching the sunset while healing from a breakup, sunsets have been an integral part of my special moments. Sunsets […]

5 Things I learned when I came to the UAE

I arrived in the UAE quite recently. To be more specific, it was on the 10th of October 2021. I had visited the UAE a couple of times before and it was always on vacation. So pretty much, all I would do was go where my dad would take us on his car, which was […]


I hope everyone believes in the concept of heaven. I personally believe in the presence of heaven. But to discover this concept we likely have to die. So why not make the place we reside in a living heaven? I hope by now you have figured out what I’m writing about – It’s cleanliness by […]

“Lockdown effects on my life” – A student’s perspective on the Covid-19 Lockdown in India !

The year 2020 exposed an unexpected turn of events throughout the world. As per my knowledge this is the first incident that affected all the nations of the globe. Many people have suffered financially, emotionally and physically because of this global crisis. I am the kind of person who always liked to be busy. I’m […]

Taste Of Cherry – Review

Taste Of Cherry, a 1997 Iranian film with the original title “Ta’m e guilass” is the first Iranian movie to win the ‘Palme d’Or’. The film is directed and produced by Abbas Kiarostami. This simple yet intense movie is nothing but a pure work of art with all the realistic aspects, with an uncomplicated portrayal […]


The universe we live in is vast and never ending and we as humans are so small and tiny compared to this infinity that surrounds us. Amidst this stretch of vastness, have you ever brought your awareness to “you”? A tiny, yet significant part of this universe. Have you ever been baffled with the thought […]

What is life?

What is life? What is living? The answer is always different and individualistic. There is no right or wrong to this. To a songwriter, life is filled with music and rhythms. To a doctor, life is filled with tears and joy. To a homeless person, life is something that’s been unfair to him. Different people […]