I hope everyone believes in the concept of heaven. I personally believe in the presence of heaven. But to discover this concept we likely have to die. So why not make the place we reside in a living heaven? I hope by now you have figured out what I’m writing about – It’s cleanliness by […]

Five ways to start sustainable living !

We are often bombarded by mainstream media and social media on how our planet is in dire need of help, of how it is on the verge of destruction. A destruction that humankind has brought upon it over the years. We have heard of a severe climate change crisis , icebergs melting, temperatures reaching points […]

Some myths busted about Veganism!

We are just 17 days into the New Year 2020 and it has been quite eventful so far, an escalated tension between nations of the world, leading the masses to believe in a likely World War Three situation; a massive raging bush fire in the Australian sub-continent, an erroneous shooting down of a passenger plane, […]