Five ways to start sustainable living !

We are often bombarded by mainstream media and social media on how our planet is in dire need of help, of how it is on the verge of destruction. A destruction that humankind has brought upon it over the years. We have heard of a severe climate change crisis , icebergs melting, temperatures reaching points […]

Dare to be different !

We all get into some or the other kind of conflicts or disagreements with people around us from time to time, Don’t we? We have silly quarrels with our peers, and sometimes, serious disagreements and differences in opinions with different components of our society. These different opinions and disagreements are what make each one of […]

Some myths busted about Veganism!

We are just 17 days into the New Year 2020 and it has been quite eventful so far, an escalated tension between nations of the world, leading the masses to believe in a likely World War Three situation; a massive raging bush fire in the Australian sub-continent, an erroneous shooting down of a passenger plane, […]

BREAK UPS & HEALING – 6 Tips to heal faster after an emotional separation or breakup!

I once came across a quote that went like this – “The three most powerful lessons in the world are empty pockets, hungry stomachs and broken hearts”, and I had myself nodding my head in agreement to this because it felt so apt. An average person goes through at least two of the above lessons […]

Introvert ? Extrovert ? Or dancing between the two?

How do you define an introvert? In simple words an introvert is someone who is shy. I am an introvert. I am shy when I meet someone new. Conversational ease doesn’t come easy to me. But I love my family and friends, and I am extremely comfortable , in fact beyond just comfortable , I […]


In our everyday lives, at school, at work or at any day to day scenarios, one of the most important things we have to do in this world revolving around co-existence, is communication. We come across various situations as we go about our lives and every so often, these situations call for us to be […]

Common misconceptions about Feminism !

I came across a post on Facebook a few days ago. It read “This is what modern Feminism looks like “ and it was a GIF of a woman spraying some pepper spray into the air ahead of her and then she ends up running into that same air and burns her eyes. I saw […]

25 affirmations to say daily for a better living !

1. I am a wonderful human being and I deserve wonderful things ! 2. Happiness is my natural state of being , and I experience happiness abundantly ! 3. Success comes easily to me ! 4. I am prosperous ! 5. I am happy ! 6. I feel productive throughout my day , everyday ! […]

Five life lessons from the TV series – FRIENDS

I’m sure a whole lot of you out there will agree with me wholeheartedly that there’s no other show like FRIENDS. I have been an avid fan and I’ve watched the complete series twice, and multiple episodes every now and then when there’s absolutely nothing else gripping my attention. FRIENDS has been my number one […]

The gift of being alive !

I observed a mere five seconds of silence just now. And I randomly placed my hands on my neck and in those five seconds I felt my pulse, the sound and the feel of my heartbeat, and this realization dawned upon me that I am alive. Our bodies are these delicately crafted instruments, which are […]