Happiness – A Tricky Balance !

Human beings are on a constant pursuit of happiness. This happiness disguises itself as different things at different phases of our lives – good grades, careers, businesses, possessions, romance etc. But at the end of the day, we’re all chasing these things to bring us happiness, or a sense of contentment. But have you ever […]

BREAK UPS & HEALING – 6 Tips to heal faster after an emotional separation or breakup!

I once came across a quote that went like this – “The three most powerful lessons in the world are empty pockets, hungry stomachs and broken hearts”, and I had myself nodding my head in agreement to this because it felt so apt. An average person goes through at least two of the above lessons […]

Five life lessons from the TV series – FRIENDS

I’m sure a whole lot of you out there will agree with me wholeheartedly that there’s no other show like FRIENDS. I have been an avid fan and I’ve watched the complete series twice, and multiple episodes every now and then when there’s absolutely nothing else gripping my attention. FRIENDS has been my number one […]

Why do heartbreaks happen ?

I’m quite sure that everyone of us , well at least most of us go through heartbreaks in our lives. We can go through them several number of times and each one of them can bring about a different degree of grief into our lives , and a different degree of change too. I remember […]