Five life lessons from the TV series – FRIENDS

I’m sure a whole lot of you out there will agree with me wholeheartedly that there’s no other show like FRIENDS. I have been an avid fan and I’ve watched the complete series twice, and multiple episodes every now and then when there’s absolutely nothing else gripping my attention. FRIENDS has been my number one […]

The gift of being alive !

I observed a mere five seconds of silence just now. And I randomly placed my hands on my neck and in those five seconds I felt my pulse, the sound and the feel of my heartbeat, and this realization dawned upon me that I am alive. Our bodies are these delicately crafted instruments, which are […]

Let Judgements Go !

We’re all a little judgmental at some point or the other in our lives. We , consciously or unknowingly pass enough and more judgements at people we do not like, people we do not agree with , or random people just being happier than we are and in the recent times we’ve been abundantly judging […]

Why do heartbreaks happen ?

I’m quite sure that everyone of us , well at least most of us go through heartbreaks in our lives. We can go through them several number of times and each one of them can bring about a different degree of grief into our lives , and a different degree of change too. I remember […]

Take the Climb !

Often in our lives, we experience events that are a test of our strength. Ever heard of anyone say “They may shatter me from the outside, but what’s inside is unbreakable”? The true test of one’s strength indeed lies in events or adversities like these, and how he or she paves his or her way […]

Unsolicited Online Opinions!

This century that we are living in has witnessed the dawn of technology so advanced, that every new thing out there gets obsolete in a mere year or two. With the rise of this immense technological advancement we’ve also seen the rise of social media, and with this we’ve also seen the emergence of online […]

A Letter to my younger self !

Very often in the journey of life, we wish to receive some guidance. However, more often than not, we do not receive any. We are stuck and the only advice we get is through experiencing life’s numerous challenges. Very often we also wish to go back in time and correct the wrong that we did, […]

The good gets better!

Sometimes we may find ourselves thinking that luck doesn’t favor us. Our reality makes us believe so, the reality in which we’re constantly unhappy at work, stuck in hopeless relationships or experiencing ill health. The main reason for our reality to be so, is because our minds focus on what is “not good”, our minds […]