4 Skin Care Myths to drop

5 Reasons why you must catch Sunsets more often!

Speaking from personal experience, sunsets have always played a huge role in my life. From being proposed to, to catching up with an old friend near the Corniche breakwaters (Abu Dhabi) in the evening, and even watching the sunset while healing from a breakup, sunsets have been an integral part of my special moments. Sunsets […]

Fashion show, Ramp Walk, Indian Fashion Show, Lakme Fashion week 2022


We’ve seen the world return back to its old self after the gruesome pandemic years, and now that the world is more open, we’ve also seen the return of a lot of pre-pandemic events – fashion events being one of the most prominent ones. For the South Asian fashion enthusiast diaspora, particularly Indian – this […]

5 Effective Productivity Tips

Over the past few weeks, some of my days have been good and I have been able to radiate and feel happy emotions, whereas some days have just been mundane, lackluster. The mundane and lackluster days have mostly got to do with my work. Before you judge me for sounding tone deaf – I acknowledge […]

Sebamed Anti Dandruff Shampoo Review

MY PREVIOUS FAVORITE A few months ago, I ran out of my last bit of anti-dandruff shampoo by the brand Alpecin. By this time, I might have had purchased about 5 or 6 bottles of this and I thought this was going to be the only shampoo I’d use for the rest of my life. […]

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The good gets better!

Sometimes we may find ourselves thinking that luck doesn’t favor us. Our reality makes us believe so, the reality in which we’re constantly unhappy at work, stuck in hopeless relationships or experiencing ill health. The main reason for our reality to be so, is because our minds focus on what is “not good”, our minds […]

A Letter to my younger self !

Very often in the journey of life, we wish to receive some guidance. However, more often than not, we do not receive any. We are stuck and the only advice we get is through experiencing life’s numerous challenges. Very often we also wish to go back in time and correct the wrong that we did, […]

Hand Bag must haves for the Lady on the go!

Have you ever wound up in situations where you’ve wished that you had this particular item in your bag that could’ve come in handy ?? I sure have and I’m sure a lot of us women have had these tricky situations at some point or the other in our lives. So here I am with […]

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