It’s okay to not be Okay !

There was a phase in my life when I had just gained knowledge about the law of attraction and the power of positive thinking and the power of visualization etc. I had watched the movie “The Secret” and I will be honest, that movie did move me a lot and shifted a lot within me. […]

25 affirmations to say daily for a better living !

1. I am a wonderful human being and I deserve wonderful things ! 2. Happiness is my natural state of being , and I experience happiness abundantly ! 3. Success comes easily to me ! 4. I am prosperous ! 5. I am happy ! 6. I feel productive throughout my day , everyday ! […]

Interviewing myself !

We have all dreamt of becoming celebrities at least once in our lives. We may have practiced giving interviews , or maybe even practiced an award acceptance speech. I also dream of becoming famous someday or at least be interviewed by someone someday. I’m quite certain that this dream will come true too, because dreams […]