Reasons why I won’t be re-purchasing THE ORDINARY’S MARINE HYALURONICS

I recently did a comparison post between THE ORDINARY’S MARINE HYALURONICS and THE HYALURONIC ACID – 2%. Here’s a link to it – Please do give it a read if you feel like. I wonder if that post was able to help anyone make a decision between either of the two Hyaluronic Acid formulations from […]

The Ordinary Hyaluronic 2% + B5 versus Marine Hyaluronics

Some of you may have read my previous post on The Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5, by THE ORDINARY – DECIEM. If you haven’t, here’s the link go check it out, it’s a quick read – And now that you have read this post, you may have seen that one of the qualities that […]


As a new skin care enthusiast, I have found myself tumbling upon this very famous ingredient – “Hyaluronic Acid” every now and then on Social Media and on various skincare Blogs and YouTube Videos. It’s known to hold almost a thousand times its own weight in water, thus acting as a top grade hydrating agent […]