Every now and then you stumble upon a brand on Instagram that intrigues you. It then leads you to look around a little, makes you search via hashtags to see if its popular and shortly thereafter you see a familiar influencer endorsing it; then you research a little further, look for videos on YouTube to see what the brand is all about and if you are convinced you then go online, add it into your cart and press checkout.

One such brand for me was OLAPLEX. But the process was not as linear as I mentioned in the paragraph above. It took me quite some time on both platforms – Instagram and YouTube, to learn a little about the brand. But what finally convinced me was watching Michelle Wong’s YouTube video and blog post on OLAPLEX. Michelle is one person whom I trust very much in the skincare and beauty world, primarily because she’s well qualified – a science educator, chemistry PhD and cosmetic chemist. I’m linking her YouTube video on the topic here. Do check it out!

MY REVIEW – I’d like to believe that you took some time to watch and read the above content, and you learned a little bit about the brand. But if you didn’t, let me give you a gist. OLAPLEX is a brand of dedicated hair care products , which uses their patented active ingredient Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate, to join broken disulfide bonds within our hair. This repairs damaged and broken hair and makes it healthy and shiny.

From their entire product range, I decided to go ahead with the product No.7 – The bonding oil. This also acts as a heat protectant and unlike some other products in their range, this one is easier to use. You can just use it as a leave on conditioner after you have washed your hair and then proceed with your heat styling.

It’s a pretty little bottle for your Instagram golden aesthetic as well, ha-ha! I bought it from lookfantastic.ae. It cost me AED. 130 for a 30ML bottle, slightly expensive – Yup! But a little goes a long way, and I managed to use this bottle for around 6 months – from July 2021 till Dec 2021. But one of the reasons it managed to last so long is probably because I have been so irregular in applying it.

But I sure did notice my hair becoming silky to the touch, on the next day of the application. I would generally shower at nights, apply the bonding oil, blow dry or occasionally straighten my hair and go to sleep waking up to softer and smoother feeling hair.

So, from the brief rendezvous I have had with this product, I’d like to believe that it did work well for me. I have noticed that my hair is overall a little smoother than it used to be in the past. Especially when I’ve only blow dried it and not straightened it. In the past, when I used to stick to just blow drying and not straightening my hair, it would stand out like Johnny Depp’s hair from Edward Scissorhands.

I’ll definitely give this product a try in the future, and probably other products from their range as well. I’m specifically interested in the No.3 Hair Perfector and the No.6 Bond Smoother.

Yes, the product range is a little expensive but I’m willing to spend a little extra on the products because in my experience (however little it may be), the brand did live up to its expectations.

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